Tuesday, October 18, 2011

innovative spaces

Here are some of my favorite ideas for transforming an everyday space into something spectacular.


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I love the idea of transforming a closet into a quiet sweet nook! Prayer closet anyone? Or right in your entry would be adorable. Removing the door gives it a more 'built-in' look.

Under the Stairs

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We don't have a staircase like this, but boy if we did... one of these solutions would be ours! Day bed, bookshelves/wine case, mudroom, or storage drawers. Way fun and super innovative!

Breakfast Nook

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L O V E  breakfast nooks! They're so cozy and a perfect place to spend mornings. 


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An unused attic is perfect for converting into a spare room, kids bedroom, craft room, or office. It's out of the way, and can have so much character!

So very inspiring! 

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