Sunday, July 17, 2011

dreaming double

Wow was last week a busy week! 

Zuriah's birthday

We find out we're having twins 
{I may be paying more for my cell phone this month} 

Anah's birthday

My sister's birthday

Family in town, my sister and brother-in law find out they 'got the house!'

Girl's garden birthday party {pictures coming soon}

I'm ready for a little bit of relaxing and some more processing twins time.

Seriously, I'm just as excited about this pregnancy than I was with my first! It seems like I'm starting over in everything! A: I'm having TWO and B: I'm having BOYS! Oh my. 

I've made multiple trips to Buy Buy Baby in the last few days, looking at twin this and twin that. Twins. Still a shocker to me. Here are a few twin things I've been dreaming about!


Baby boy A will be mostly wearing blue. Baby boy B will be mostly wearing green. So as to tell them apart- not so much for us {hopefully} but for family and friends. 


Different letter first names. I'm thinking I'll be getting them confused enough without the craziness of super similar names. Oh and we've been having lots of fun trying to agree on {not one} two baby names!


Double nursery! This is a fun one... I'm thinking a little woodland theme {owls, squirrels, aspen trees...} I'd love to do some blues, greens, and grays and/or browns. Here are some inspiration photos I have so far...


A new stroller! My Phil & Ted's is incredible for two children of different ages- and I've even figured out how to get two car seats in it. However I'm pretty certain I'll be switching it out when the kiddies are out of their car seats for one like this:


Toys for boys! This is a whole new world for me! I'm so used to doll houses, princesses, and dress up. I suppose now it will be trains, trucks, and legos? No idea, but I'm kind of excited to explore a new section of the toy isles. What are your boys' favorite toys? I'd love to hear suggestions- once again this is a whole new world for me!


Clothes... I now know what people were talking about when they said there are hardly any cute boy clothes. Oh my goodness, even Target and Old Navy have failed to impress. I have yet to make it to Baby Gap, but was impressed with Janie and Jack {although I'll never be able to afford it!} So far the only rule I have when picking out clothes for boys is no sports shirts. I'd love to hear where you buy your boy clothes! Suggestions please

All from Janie and Jack {best baby store on the planet}

Yes a lot has been on my mind! But we're SO excited! Twin boys, we're so blessed!


  1. Boys are fun! Just be ready, they are so full of energy and run until they drop :) Here is my 2 cents in the clothing department....I LOVE baby Gap! They have good quality clothes and when you catch a sale the prices aren't too bad. They even have really good quality pjs, socks and underwear. The other place that I shop for boys clothing is The Children's Place. The Children's place always runs great sales and you can never go wrong with classics like polos and cargo shorts. Their premium place denim is good quality a little more trendy than traditional kids denim. Plus they always have really cute holiday outfits.
    Another great place to check is TJ Maxx or Marshalls, they usually carry Ralph of my favorites, I love that is it a classic.
    As far as toya go, we really loved the Chuck and Friends trucks. The mini ones rain great! The train set was a big hit and Magformers are a must have..

  2. Wow thank you! That's all so helpful! I love Ralph Lauren too- TJ Maxx didn't even cross my mind!



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