Wednesday, July 6, 2011

new developments and inspiring rooms

Remember how I said I was "Scribble" and my wonderful husband Ben was "Scribe?"

Let me tell you a little bit about Scribe. Ever since we decided to follow the Lord {about 7 years ago now} Ben has had his nose in the Bible. I'm not kidding. Ever since. At least 2 hours a day, and if he could it would be all day. That boy loves the Bible! And he really loves to study... about the Bible. Commentaries and all that {boring. ha!} Oh and write about the Bible. I think it's safe to say his world revolves around the Bible. {Not a bad thing!}

So putting all this together, Ben's dream job is to be a scholar {more or less}. He would love to take his little hobby and turn it into a job- to him this would be teaching at a seminary or in a religious department at a university, while writing {commentaries and such} on the side.

Lately he's decided to pursue this dream- which for us means pretty  B I G  changes for us.

First it looks like a move to Chicago so he can study at Wheaton {a great school close to our home town}, and after that he'd love to go to the UK- his favorite schools right now are St. Andrews and Oxford, although I think he'd be thrilled to get into any school of that caliper over there.

Am I excited? Yes and no. I hear school for six years and think crazy, hectic schedules,  also we'll be up-rooted from our friends and family, and up-rooting the girls as well. But my husband will be doing what he loves to do, and I forgot to mention- I've been praying for a trip to the UK sometime soon. I guess God knew deep down I wanted to go for more than a few weeks! Ah, how I'd love to live there! {And what better excuse than to just go for a few years to study?}

Anyway I thought I would fill you in on all these fun and crazy new developments happening here. Although it's not all set in stone I'd say we're about 90% sure on all of it. Crazy but true.

On an studious note... I thought it would be fun to share some really amazing home study/library spaces. PS the house I grew up in had a library that my dad built- it's pretty incredible equipped with a spiral staircase and loft- I'll have to photograph it next time I'm 'home'! 

Every scholar needs a library right? Down the road one of these lovely rooms might just make it into our house! What do you think of our travel plans? I'd love to hear thoughts on schools/areas or even if you've been through a PhD program before. We're a little in the dark about all of it, but are excited!


  1. My brother-in-law has similar goals as your husband. He just graduated in May from Wheaton with a Master's Degree in the History of Christianity. During his final semester there, he was getting many job offers from many universities around the country. This summer he and his wife moved to Texas and he is getting his PhD at Baylor. Baylor is actually PAYING him to finish his PhD. So maybe staying in the states might be a better option for you guys financially...but not as fun as England. Hope this helps.

  2. Wow Congrats Kelly! Big Moves in deed! God's in everything if we allow Him...Many Blessings!
    Will you keep your blog?

  3. Phylicia- that's really helpful, I've heard of programs in the US being free, but haven't heard of them paying you! That's definitely something to think about- although I have to say I'm a little excited about the length of the programs in the UK- 2 years as opposed to 4-6 I hear over here.

    Nicki- yes!! I really enjoy it and unless I get insanely busy with the new 'business' I'll continue it! {And even then I might just have to!}



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