Monday, September 5, 2011

family tree prints

I made a family tree for us this weekend. There's something so satisfying about putting your entire family on a sheet of paper. And although I have a way to go on a few lines I feel totally accomplished. I had such a hard time finding a 'cute' family tree so I thought I'd design a few aesthetically pleasing ones that I'd like to to have on my wall. Thought you might be interested too... {If you need some help with genealogy research check out this post and this one}.

Here's what I designed:

And one with a time line that I'm not sure if I'll include yet:

And a few more designs: 

A full 8 generation tree {but could be made smaller} in various colors

A full 5 generation tree


Putting these up for sale on my Etsy shop soon, but if you'd like to order one now you can contact me. Here are the details that include printing {about $30 for full color} shipping additional:

Silhouette Design {20x16} with name layout, also includes two 8x10 silhouettes: $60

Circle Design black and white {2'x2'} without names: $15

Circle Design color {2'x2'} without names: $40

Tree Design {20x16} with name layout: $45

Tree Design {20x16} without name layout: $35

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