Saturday, November 17, 2012

DIY Bootsocks

A friend of mine introduced me to the new rain boot sock fad... have you seen this? 


I don't know if Hunter boots started it but I think it's adorable and an awesome way to cozy up some rain boots to extend them into the winter months!

I am normally an UGG boots girl in the winter but this allows for a little more wet {snowy} weather as my UGGs normally soak through.

Pulling the socks over the boots is a little different than the other adorable boot sock fad...

So I was in between riding boots and rain boots and settled on "riding rain boots." The Hunter boots were a bit too steep for my budget so I went with a pair of Kamiks... 

They come in different colors but I figured brown would suit me best. {I'm all about versatility as I'm not generally a 'shoe girl' so I'll pretty much have these forever}.

I wanted to have the look of the Hunters with the boot socks but the Hunter boot socks {which you can purchase separately} range from $35-$50! Here's my $4 solution. {with a little help from the Goodwill} 

Granted they're faux... I didn't sew on a fleece sock on the bottom, but I figured to keep it simple this works- and I can just wear big socks. 

And with the left over sweater body I made a throw pillow cover! {hmm too not unlike the $50 covers I've seen in stores}

Grab an old sweater or two. BIG ARMS work best! I looked in the XXL or Men's sections.

Cut off the arms 

Fold over...

And stitch.

OR for an even simpler approach- a NO SEW version!

Cut off arms...


Fold again

Stretch... {You want the socks to fit inside the boots well and not be too small}

And there you are! 


I've worn these out for extended periods of time and have had no problems with them unfolding. Love the look, and especially the price! A great way to get some variation with your boots and to warm them up for winter!

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